Hotel Le Mottaret - David Loisel, the Orangerie's chef

David Loisel, the Orangerie’s new head chef

The dream of hanging a star

28 years old, originally from Brittany, David Loisel has just arrived at the Château de Candie to start a new chapter in his career as he takes over the kitchen of the gastronomic restaurant L’Orangerie. David Loisel made his debut with the biggest starred chefs in France and like them, one day dreams of hanging a star on the pediment of the chateau.

Lyon, Paris, but also St-Barth, New York, Monaco… It was during his various experiences that David Loisel gathered the ingredients that make his cuisine today. These experiences have formed his character, creativity, generosity and his wish to take his guests on a journey. David Loisel appreciates discussion and sharing, meeting his customers and sharing his know-how. His cuisine is a blend of the warmth and authenticity of a Paul Bocuse, the fine tuning from Guy Savoy, a technique acquired from Christian Lherm, a contemporary sauce imagined in the style of Christophe Moret and finally a mastery of berries, acquired from by Sylvestre Wahid. It was also alongside the latter that he learned to meet and exchange with customers and to share his passion with amateurs and connoisseurs of gastronomy. He continues to meet his customers today with great pleasure and to which he attaches great importance. His mentors have each added a touch of what makes his signature cuisine.

However, David Loisel is now writing his own unique chapter at Château de Candie, bringing with him his passion for cooking, meticulousness, method and above all his creativity to integrate local and regional products with his Breton origins. A contemporary cuisine focused on the products and the region that cultivates them. He likes to tell stories with the creation of exceptional dishes. For this, he surrounds himself with local producers between Chambéry, Annecy, Les Bauges and Grenoble, as passionate as he is for the quality of the product, the flavours and the food-wine pairings. He chooses the bread, cheeses, fish from the lake, cold meats and mushrooms as soon as he can. He has even envisaged a dessert with his pastry chef based on honey produced in the beehives of the chateau.

David Loisel invites guests to discover his menu « Carte Blanche ». The chef meets his guests to find out about their food habits and tastes and afterwards he offers a menu of 5 or 7 dishes. No one knows the menu selection but these dishes are tailor-made to individual tastes while offering a few surprises. Enter the world of David Loisel and let yourself be transported on a taste and culinary journey.